Joey Eppard at The Mint, 3 at Knitting Factory night I left my husband and baby and went to The Mint for an hour.

Joey Eppard was playing, and I hadn’t seen him in nine years. I arrived partway into his set. What I saw of it was wonderful. The rest of his band was there, and I got to catch up with everyone before running home to my boys.

I was 15 when I met Joey Eppard. I lived in Woodstock, NY, at the time, where there wasn’t much to do other than hang out in graveyards and watch local bands. Joey and his brother Josh had a band, 3, with Chris Bittner. I must have seen them play a thousand times. And not a day went past that I wasn’t terrified they were going to be discovered, become wildly famous, and forget about me. They were really amazingly good.

Time went by. Chris left the band. I moved away. Josh left the band and became the drummer for Coheed and Cambria. Assorted recording deals came and went. Some fell through, some produced albums. Members of the equally excellent Peacebomb joined the band, as did my old friend Billy Riker. 3 were at the brink of fame, but never quite broke through. I can’t understand why. They are amazing.

You can see for yourself on Monday, June 5, at the Knitting Factory* (7021 Hollywood Blvd.). They are playing with Roses are Red, Escape The Fate, and Vanna. The show costs $10. I won’t be there, as it physically pained me to be away from the wee one (he is only two weeks old), but I hope you will.

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*Tonight at the Knitting Factory is something called Deadwood Night. Sounds exciting!