Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Parking Spot

The post office on Santa Monica at Wilcox is rather small and has a rather small parking lot. The one good thing about someone blocking one of the precious spots … it means that the line will be shorter inside by one person! It took two inconsiderate drivers to block this one completely. And when I waved to the fellow in the van that he was blocking the spot, it seems that he didn’t care.

(Actually, I had a more than respectable experience this time at the post office. I was even surprised that one of the clerks said hi to me as she was crossing the street and dialing her cell phone. She’s not obligated to be nice to me outside of the post office … hell, we all know that post office employees aren’t obligated to be nice period!)

One thought on “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Parking Spot”

  1. I have gone to that one twice and it been closed, like at 10 am and at 9 am, just on weekdays, just for the hell of it. I still don’t know why it was closed. I was so mad that I vowed to never go back.

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