Twelve Hours For 30 Seconds…

So what’s worse than 30 Seconds to Mars (MySpace)?

According to JAX @ Rock Insider, it’s waiting a whopping *twelve hours* for last night’s show at the Avalon (fka The Palace) in Hollywood:

As I past by the venue today at abt 8:30 AM I noticed a small line of kids with camp chairs waiting out front. I gave no notice and went on my merry way to work. At abt 11 AM I went to go to the post office and noticed that the line had grown to abt 20 kids – perplexing indeed. By the time I left to go to lunch there was a line down the street of rather geeky looking kids in emo attire. It wasnt even 1 PM yet! I logged on to my computer to see just who the hell was playing at the Avalon tonight. I was thinking Fall Out Boy? Hawethorne Heights? A.F.I? No, No, No….. It’s 30 SECONDS TO MARS.

I was shocked. This kind of behavior can be expected from fans of the previous bands but 30 SECONDS TO MARS!?!?!?!!!

I saw this band when I was 17 when they were on tour with Incubus (don’t judge me). At the time I actually was excited to see them because I had a massive crush on Jared Leto. From my seats in The E Center I couldn’t see the stage at all, but I sure could hear the horrific excuse for rock music and Jared Leto’s bad attitude eminating from the PA. Leto made rude comments towards the crowd, chastized the sound guys, and stormed off the stage when they were done playing. Even in my Mudd Jeans, Roxy Girl T Shirt, Good Charlotte scrunchie days I could tell this band was putrid and my schoolgirlish crush for Leto all but vanished. The fact that they have fans lined up around the corner just boggles my mind.

She also links to a video of a pissed-off Jared attacking a videographer. Meanwhile photos from last night’s show are up at The Cobrasnake.

Previous 30 Seconds coverage here, including an account from Mitch in the comments about how much of a douchebag Jared apparently is.

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  1. It was horrific. Thanks to my friend at warner i got into the show. I thought the paris hilton impersonator and blood bath were classy

  2. Not too surprised by the behaviour – pretty well documented on how much of a “douche bag” he is:

    At the Echo last year (100% sure he was there / 90% sure this person is the same) he turn into me as I was walking by with a beer in hand, resulting in splashing said beer onto my shirt. Yeah it was an accident but I didn’t even get a sorry or an oops from him, just a stupid smirk at my wet shirt.

  3. Jared is a total douche. They played here in Nashville a couple weeks ago. A friend of mine is in one of the bands that opened for them, so I went to check out the show. 30 stm sucked. The icing on the cake was when the girlfriend of a friend had some words with Leto after the show, and punched him in the face. Tool that he is, he had her arrested. This may just be me, but if I get hit by a girl, that’s not something I want to publicize, much less get the cops involved.

  4. Dir en grey had people lined up the morning of the day before their show at the Avalon in NYC. It was rather bizarre.

  5. Hmm, Jared Leto was great when I saw 30 Seconds to Mars. He kept saying how awesome of a crowd we were, and seemed to be enjoying himself. The whole band signed autographs after the concert, and Jared shook my hand and personally thanked me for coming to the show.

  6. I met Jared Leto at Sundance 2005 and he was very sweet. He took a ton of pics with me.

  7. The video shows Jared performing with 30Secondstomars and engaging the audience the way he always does. The video does NOT show Jared kicking anyone or anything. The JAX post is lame.

    True the police were called as they should have been – the girl was violent and would not settle down. The stupid bitch deserved to be arrested and her boyfriend was the douche bag (and an obnoxious red neck)

    I’ve heard a few stories about a pissy Jared during 2002 and I believe most of them. He is human afterall.

    If you have not heard them since 2002-2003 you should give them a second listen. They put on an energetic & entertaining show and the music is different from that of the S/T album you heard. You might like them now.

    Virgin Records paid me an enormous sum to say that.

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