Touched by a Voter

Today’s the last day for the “early voting by touchscreen” option. The primary election for you old-school dots folks is on Tuesday, June 6th.


Instead of opting for the absentee ballot because I’ll be out of town, I decided to exercise the new touchscreen option. I went to the Braille Institute on Vermont @ Melrose. It was super easy. I just presented the back page of my sample ballot, they gave me a card and I inserted it into my machine. If you’re confused you can watch a video with instructions on how to vote. It’s far more intuitive than the dots thing we’ve got now.

The video is kind of fun if you pay attention to the sample ballot.

I’m definitely going to exercise this option in the future instead of absentee voting. At least then I know they got my ballot … whether or not my vote counts, well, that’s another argument.

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