Shhh! I’m sleeping

As the days get hotter, I find myself feeling a little more lethargic and sleepy. My cats seem to take more naps too (when they’re not busy shedding excessively) and I sometimes wake up from a quick afternoon catnap (ha) to find slumbering cat bodies assembled in strange positions around me.


Which is why I find it an especially appropriate time for my favorite photo gallery, the Found Photo, to host a new exhibition of “vintage photos of slumber” entitled “Shhh! I’m Sleeping.” The Found Photo was started by my pal and neighbor Babbette, who has always had a fascination with old photographs. The exhibitions are always interesting and I’m always impressed with Babbette’s ability to find amazing photos. I sometimes find myself concocting stories about the strangers in the photos, which only adds to the fun.

The opening reception is this Saturday, June 3, from 6-9 PM at the Found Photo Gallery at the Brewery Arts Colony. The address is 620 Moulton Avenue, Suite 204, LA 90031. Contact 323-222-7444 or check here for directions (the cafe is in the same building as the gallery, so you can get a snack while you’re at it).