Mayor Sam’s Sister City brought to you today by… political blog Mayor Sam’s Sister City is now utilizing flashy new ads… perhaps just in time to cash in on increased traffic ahead of the June 6th elections.

The full page ads, managed by AdBrite, appears occasionally when you visit the site. From what I’ve seen, it just takes on extra click to move on to Mayor Sam’s homepage. According to an info link on the ad itself:

This full-screen Active Interstitial is an actual website from one of Mayor Sam’s Sister City’s premier sponsors. It will appear no more than once per day. To go directly to Mayor Sam’s Sister City, click on the ‘Continue to Mayor Sam’s Sister City’ link. Thanks for supporting Mayor Sam’s Sister City!

I’ve seen these types of ads on news and magazine sites before, but never before on a blog, let alone one still using a Blogger domain. While mildly obstructive for the casual or avid blog reader, these ads are a small price to pay for excellent coverage of local government and politics that beats the pants off of local TV networks sites and the LA Times. For that, I hope the Mayor Sam bloggers find the effort profitable.

But as blogs continue to replace the main stream media as we know it, and online news sources seek ways to draw income, I wonder if these effect the choices web readers make when choosing which sites to click to or bookmark.