Zuma Dogg’s Posse Prompts City Council to “Bleep” Naughty Words

CBS 2 is reporting that the LA City Council is looking into ways to curb foul language at its meetings, prompted in part by a recent appearance by Michael Hunt who “repeatedly used a racial epithet while referring to several black council members.”

A recent article in LA Citybeat describes Hunt as an “embattled Venice boardwalk artist” who, along with friend Zuma Dogg are “self-styled ‘Beach Outlaws'”. Zuma Dogg also gained some notoriety recently for addressing the City Council, but no mention if this included offensive language.

CBS adds:

Council members also want local television station L.A. CityView to look into bleeping and blurring audio and video from meetings so that they are suitable for family viewers.

Because nothing could kill an afternoon of family TV viewing more than a glimpse of Council President Garcetti having a wardrobe malfunction.

5 thoughts on “Zuma Dogg’s Posse Prompts City Council to “Bleep” Naughty Words”

  1. Dude:

    I think it’s hilarious to garner the media attention, but: How did MY name get dragged into this Michael Hunt contraversy (“Zuma Dogg’s Posse”)?

    Michael is my Dogg on the “fight city hall over Venice Beach issues”, but I was never with him any of the times this new thing went down (that doesn’t have anything to do with selling T-shirts, incense and shea butter on Venice Beach.)

    I don’t want people to think I support this new, unrealted issue.

    Thanks for representing for Zuma Dogg with the use of the term “Zuma Dogg’s Posse” — but Michael is a big boy, arrested, going to court numerous times and serving jail time over the Venice Beach ordinance…

  2. Hey, how come no-one remembers me? I’m the only one in the ‘posse’ who never gets a mention. anyway, I’m not in it for the publicity, I just want my incense business back on the beach, cause thats how I pay to keep the music rolling out.
    check out my website.
    pS. no-one referred to council members as anything, it was a self directed epithet used by Mr Hunt…which is such a gay way of saying that he called himself a niggah……….and boy, its big news if theres something wrong with that……..cause he has that right……under the bill of rights….and so do thousands of black Americans who also practise that right….

  3. “How did MY name get dragged into this Michael Hunt contraversy (“Zuma Dogg’s Posse”)?”

    The story was funny to begin with, but since we’d posted about you, Z Dogg, before and I saw a connection between you and Hunt I thought it was relevent.

    But I don’t think anywhere in the post does it make you appear in a negative light, nor does it make it look like you have a view on the issue at all (but if you do, feel free to share it).

    As for Matt Dowd, sorry we haven’t dropped your name yet here at blogging.la. Perhaps in time…

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