One of the things that’s so delicious about living in Los Angeles is the easy access we have to so many great wines. (and the food that accompanies them!) I love wine and yet… I find it hit or miss when I’m in a store buying wine trying to decide what to get. That’s what makes me really appreciate a place like A.O.C or The Hungry Cat where they have a wonderful selection of wines you can try by the glass, and then later go find the bottle. Alas, both of those are ‘special treat’ kind of places cuz they’re just a bit out of my everyday price range…..although my boyfriend swears we are supporting the overhead at The Hungry Cat cuz we end up there so much.

So, I was happy to find a new place to have wine and a bite to eat that’s in the neighborhood…or at least close by in Los Feliz. Vinoteca is a sweet wine bar that’s adjacent to an Argentinian Restaurant….they share the same kitchen…. at 1968 Hillhurst Ave. in Los Feliz. I’ve gone twice and both nights had a great time eating and drinking at the bar. I had a Vouvray Marc Breidet the first time and it was great…smooth and fruity. Then I kept stealing sips of my boyfriend’s fantastic red: “Primitovo A-Mano Puglia”… Puglia is a region in Italy. The wine was simply great. The second time I returned, instead of trying something new, I had it again. We also tried a couple of plates: They have a chopped salad with chicken…which sounds really boring, but it was absoluetely yummy. The vinigarette was unusual and fresh tasting….some kind of herb that really worked in it. We tried their steak plate with lots of vegetables and they served it with a green sauce that rocked. They serve the green sauce with a lot of dishes that is for dipping….and it is sensational.
Both times we met some cool people at the bar and ended up tasting wine from bottles that other people offered. It has a warm and very friendly atmosphere….so it’s a new one for my list of regulars!