Daily News vs LAPD Blog Followup

Yesterday I wrote about a completely idiotic column in the Daily News about the LAPD Blog. As noted in the comments and an update to the post the LAPD themselves responded as well. In this post, LAPD Public Information Director Mary Grady responds to the article, and it’s everything a reply on a blog should be pointing out many of the inaccuracies that I did, as well as reiterating what they are trying to do with the blog. She writes:

When we re-launched the Department’s website last March, (check your facts Daily News, taxpayers don’t pay for LAPDOnline or the separate blog, the Los Angeles Police Foundation does and the redesign of the site cost $382,000…the blog only costs $15 a month) Chief Bratton did commit to stepping into unchartered blog waters. I say unchartered because some time spent researching Google confirms there are no universal hard, fast rules when it comes to blogging.

So we designed the blog to do a number of things, respond to criticism without having our responses edited, gauge the pulse of the public, let people know what’s happening in the Department, both good and bad, and yes even plug the positive contributions of its men and women. The audacity of this LAPD “flack” to actually want people to know that yes, cops are people too and they do good things. They don’t, as the writer would have you believe, spend the majority of their time going from one fast food restaurant to another. Transparency goes both ways you know.

Go read the full response – it’s worth it.

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