Gas rage?

The AP is running a story about how people are getting upset over the price of gas and taking it out on gas clerks. Everyone has been complaining about gas prices for a while, so I guess it was a matter of time for people to start making a bit deal out of the one or two bad apples who have behaved violently against gas clerks. As if the guy behind the counter is the person who is in charge of worldwide oil prices…

LOS ANGELES – Tempers are rising along with gas prices. Gas stations across the country report that drivers are taking out their gas rage against big oil by yelling at clerks and cashiers and sometimes driving off without paying.

No detailed statistics are kept on incidents of gas rage. But the National Association of Convenience Stores said anecdotal evidence indicates they have increased since prices began climbing in February.

Police in Los Angeles and San Diego — the city with the highest gas prices in the nation — haven’t noticed any violent trends toward gas station workers. But there have been gas-related crimes around the nation. [full story]

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  1. I’m still mystified that in much of America you can actually put gas into your car before paying for it our authorising payment for it on your credit card.

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