Chekhov in L.A.

cherryorchardsml.gifFull disclosure: I’m a former member of the company that’s currently running The Cherry Orchard, and did the flyer design, too.

Further disclosure: I go to most productions of Chekhov light on hope and heavy of heart: he’s really, really hard to get right–way harder than Shakespeare, whose words tend to work even when performed badly. Chekhov starts with being Russian (which we don’t traditionally see as a light, frivolous culture) and ends up in some sort of translation, often bad.

So, for whoever’s still with me, I cannot recommend Evidence Room‘s Cherry Orchard enough. We’ll see what the critics say (there were a bunch there on Satiddy night), but I say it was exactly “like a kiss”, which is how director Bart DeLorenzo described the tone he was aiming for when we discussed the flyer.

At least, it is if you laugh out loud when you get kissed…

The Cherry Orchard at Evidence Room
Th – Sun at 8pm through July 2
2220 Beverly Blvd. | Los Angeles | 90057
Reservations: (213) 381-7118
More info at

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  1. I have a cousin who has a connection to the evidence room there in Califorina. I would very much like to contact him. His name is Bart Delorenzo. I am very active in a small theater here in my hometown “The Historic Star Theater” in Missouri. Is there anyway that you could help me contact him. Thanks Gayle

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