Boxed In…


I saw this situation outside my office building last week. It boggles my mind how selfish drivers can be about their cars like the driver of this Subaru who boxed in this Nissan in front of him/her.

So if you’re the driver of that Nissan what do you do when you’re boxed in like this?

Part of me would be tempted to go ahead and force my way out of that space, banging up both cars in the process (especially if I was driving an older car I gave a rat’s ass about).

6 thoughts on “Boxed In…”

  1. In fact, there is enough room to get out of that tight spot, but not without a few back-and-forth maneuverings, perhaps graced by a few swear words. However, dignity and propriety demand that before departing the aggrieved Nissan owner hawk a big greenie on the driver side window of the dark blue car. Quid pro quo and all, y’see?

  2. Whatever, thats why they put bumpers on cars. If you pansies cant stand to get your bumper scuffed then pay for parking in a secure structure.

    I say you can’t have it both ways, either you hate people who hog up space and leave no room for others or you hate people who you wish left you a can opener.

    I for one declare that I hate when people leave 2/3 a space on one side and 1/3 on the other. I park tight and park well and if you get miffed that your car had to rub up on mine to get out then please go back to silver monica I mean santa… oh forget it!

  3. And how do you know for sure the Subaru is to blame? Maybe when he parked there wasn’t a car in front of him. And then some guy came along and wedged himself into the tiny spot. I don’t think anyone was really being selfish. I think they probably just all needed to park their cars.

  4. These situations are the worst in college towns. In Ann Arbor, MI, regardless of the parking location a box-in will inevitably occur just because of the huge number of drivers. What is more, most of the cars and drivers are students, which leads to a big lack of respect for other people’s property.

  5. I agree with Queasy — we should all just come to terms with the fact that our bumpers will in fact get bumped, and get on with life.

    Sadly….the insurance companies and banks who own the title on many of these vehicles don’t quite see it that way.

  6. Cate: I should’ve mentioned that I had passed by that window before taking this photo and observed the first two cars parked there before the Subaru boxed that Nissan in. My bad.

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