Baxter Hates You

Yes, I admit I’m one of those a-holes who try to drive on just any old street that suits me. So when the route that I’d take when exiting the 2 to get to Silverlake Blvd was blocked off last fall, I simply did what water does … found the next most logical route.

Today we drove up Baxter towards Apex only to find that route now blocked too. (I don’t know how long it’s been like that, I actually don’t try to go that way more than twice a month so I can legitimately claim that I wasn’t part of the major traffic problem to begin with and I do live in the neighborhood, albiet on the other side of Silverlake Blvd.)

You want to know a secret … you can just make a U turn at the intersection of Baxter (as the two people did after us) and then go back to Waterloo and make a right.

2 thoughts on “Baxter Hates You”

  1. It’s called “Traffic Calming.” Whenever you see something like this spring up in your neighborhood or in a neighborhood in which you drive, you can contact your local district office. For the Silver Lake area, it is under the Hollywood-Wilshire district office at 323-845-9835. Check out this page for LA DOT numbers including other district offices and parking meter repair (among other things).

  2. it’s more like traffic enraging. i live in the neighborhood and this whole thing has made my commute home a pain. and the police should just sit at the 2 exit and watch all the people who drive right through, on the wrong side of the street …

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