Mike Davis for Head Chef

I do my best to remain unaffiliated politically, and am accordingly registered undeclared, but I did vote in the Democratic primary two years ago, and someone told the Dems.

The mail the other day brought a flier telling me how great Mike Davis is. He is running for Assembly and claims to be The Democrat Who Unites Us. OK, fine.


The mail also brought an envelope from Supervisor Yvonne Burke, containing a FREE GIFT. (Davis is Burke’s Senior Deputy.) The gift? A pot holder.

Yes, a pot holder.

It says “Mike Davis, Democrat for Assembly,” and don’t think it escaped my notice that it arrived immediately before one of the biggest barbeque weekends of the year (though a mitt would have been smarter).

Is it just me (after all, I have avoided the party mailings until recently), or have politics gotten weird?

9 thoughts on “Mike Davis for Head Chef”

  1. When I was a kid my parents would have me work on political campaigns, usually stuffing envelopes and stuff. But one year my father took us down to Philadelphia to help out. My brother and I stood at the exit of a grocery store and gave out chocolate/coconut Easter eggs that said Waterman for Congress (or maybe it was Assembly).

    He was Jewish and we were giving out Easter eggs.

  2. i still use a potholder that says “assembly speaker bob hertzberg – fighting for the valley.”

  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if West Hollywood city council candidates started handing out promotional condoms soon.

  4. I have several, but the highest quality and the thickest one (important for a potholder) is from Herschel Rosenthal “Fighting for the Valley,”…it’s gotta be at least 10 years old.

  5. Yeah, potholders have always been a big give-away thing with campaigning politicians…I’m guessing they were some 1940’s-1950’s “reaching out to the little housewife” kinda thing.

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