To Do: A bunch of cool stuff in Griffith Park

Los Angeles City Nerd has a comprehensive list of really cool things to do in Griffith Park, as part of his 225 things to do to celebrate the 225th birthday of our fair city. It’s a cool list, with things you’d expect, like looking at the trains in Travel Town (the site of several Stand By Me era teen magazine photshoots for yours truly), riding the merry go round, and visiting the newly-restored observatory. But there are also some great things to do up there that fall just off the mainstream radar, that I’d forgotten about until I read his post this morning:

Explore the Bronson Caves, a former quarry used in the paving of LA Streets and the “Batcave” exterior in the 1960s Batman TV show.

Experience the Old Zoo and Symphony in the Glen.

Take a leisurely stroll along the stream in the Ferndell section of the park.

Hike to the edge of Bee Rock, but seriously, be aware of bees.

There are even more suggestions at his blog, and LACN includes links to maps and other bits of useful information, so you don’t get lost and end up on KCAL in between stories about Aruba and sex offenders across the street from Disneyland.

One thought on “To Do: A bunch of cool stuff in Griffith Park”

  1. The Sierra Club does evening hikes (from 7pm to 9pm) on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays.

    A great way to get some outdoor exercise in cool temperatures and see the park safely at night.

    The hike leaves from the upper merry-go-round parking lot.

    I attend the Thursday night hike, regularly, and would love to meet fellow bloggers and talk about geeky digital media stuff.


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