More on the CCW fight in CA

I’ve posted several times about the CCW laws in CA and how they need to be reformed. Earlier this month I posted about a new online forum for California CCW issues with breakouts by county as well as for the whole state. The idea is that the more information that can be collected (as Jim March had been doing) and the more people talk about the issues, the more chance something will be changed. The forums have been up for just over a month and now have over 200 members and there’s already quite a bit of info there. The issue of course is that currently there’s no standard for who can get a CCW and who can’t. Rather than a law which states that anyone who applies for a CCW and meets a set of requirements (such as official training, background checks, etc) will get one (much like a drivers license), CA’s laws currently leave the decision up to one person. This has led to a good number of lawsuits, as well as widespread speculations that in some counties applications by wealthy or famous people get approved while those filed by the not so wealthy or famous aren’t. Or not at all if person calling the shots doesn’t feel like it. Or all the time if they do. This means that if two people with the exact same qualifications/just cause apply for a CCW there’s a good chance one might be approved and the other might not simply because of what their home address is, or who they know, or who they don’t. Or worse, someone with less of justification might be approved while someone with more clear need for such a license would be denied. Personal feelings about CCWs asside, it’s hard to argue against a fair baseline standard in favor of the on-the-whim decision system we have in place now. Hopefully these forums will help continue to get the word out and fix this broken system.

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