Eight Lucky Teens

So early this morning, 8 kids were riding in a nissan sentra… yes that’s right 8, including two in the trunk when it went off a cliff on Mullholland Drive, tumbled down 250 feet and its occupants…. survived. Not only did they survive, but they only sustained minor to moderate injuries and were rescued by a helpful USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) team via a litter hoist.

3 thoughts on “Eight Lucky Teens”

  1. Why does the headline of that article claim that two of the teens are ‘critical’, and then go on to say the injuries were ‘minor to moderate’?

    Are there no editors at CBS?

  2. This must not be that uncommon. I remember being young and the only one of my friends with a license. Once, we piled 8 people into my Mom’s civic and drove to Little Tokyo. Of course, on the way back, we almost got into an accident on the freeway, so I never ended up doing that again.

    So really, not all that surprising…

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