You’ve GOTH to Be Kidding Me

Jillian invited all y’all to the Goth meet-up on Saturday at Bar Sinister. I met up with Kevin and Annie before running into Jillian. Was anyone else there that I missed?

Now, there was a lot of discussion on that post about Bar Sinister bouncers refusing entry because you weren’t Goth enough. Not wearing all black? Tennis shoes? Black jeans? Nope, you can’t come in. WTF? Is Goth a state of mind or a fashion statement?

Apparently it’s all about fashion. I’m waiting in line to get in. There’s a group of about 5 people in front of me. The bouncer starts harassing one of the guys because he is wearing black Vans with white shoe laces. He’s telling him he can’t wear tennis shoes, but these aren’t your Nike variety. They get up to the front of the line and the bouncer refuses entry to Vans guy and the whole group is like up-yours to the bouncer and left. I thought this was really stupid, it’s not like the group was dressed in Khaki and Vans guy was wearing all black.

This put me in a critical Goth fashion mood. Once I was in the club I later notice a patron wearing nothing but some standard black jean, black converse and a nothing special t-shirt. Then there was the girl dress in a flowing white belly dancing costume. And how Goth is a little bo peep outfit?

It’s not the first time Bar Sinister bouncers have acted like jerks to, and I guess I’m happy they didn’t direct their fashion requirements on me. Or in the immortal words of Jay Bushman, fellow

“I firmly believe that 98% of all the world’s conflicts can be boiled down to some variation of the “I’m more Goth than you are” argument.”

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  1. “I firmly believe that 98% of all the world’s conflicts can be boiled down to some variation of the “I’m more Goth than you are” argument.”

    This is especially true of the 1998-2000 war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, in which hundreds of thousands of soldiers died in brutal trench warfare over which of them worked the door at the Fetish Club in the early 90s.

    The bitter ethnic and religious conflict over the region of Azerbaijan known as “Nagorno-Karabakh” could have been avoided too, if only the Azeris had agreed to admit that they only got into Siouxsie after the Armenians lent them “Tinderbox” in junior high.

  2. Not to mention that WW2 was really about music policies: post-punk/death-rock (England and the US) vs. EBM/industrial (Germany, natch). I think the Soviets may have been into gypsy-punk and/or darkwave.

  3. Honestly, I can’t tell if the above comments are sarcasm or not, because if they are, they’re dreadfully clever. However. I think the “I’m more _______ than you argument” shows up quite a bit in history. Like, I’m pretty sure the War of 1812 was about Madison telling the British that he was more punk than them, not goth.

    However, in defense of the white belly dancing outfit, I think that girl was the acrobat who was hanging from the white cloth ropes all Cirque de Soleil style later in the evening, and I’d totally bet that the guy in the Converse was with the band. The band were, kind of metal, as are black jeans (I think. I may be wrong.)

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