Overheard in LA

Another one of those fantastic LA moments, I can’t promise this is 100% accurate but it’s what I remember:

Girl: So what time are you heading over there?

Guy: Maybe an hour or so, there’s a porn shoot in my house right now and they are just finishing up.

Girl: Hahahahahah

Guy: What?

Girl: Porn shoot?

Guy: Yeah. It’s the 3rd one they’ve done, they pay us $1500 a day and then shoot some scenes in our kitchen.

Girl: Really?

Guy: Yeah, did you think I was joking?

Girl: Yeah, aren’t you afraid they will scuff up your floors?

Can anyone verify that $1500 is the going rate for porn in your kitchen? I think I’d be all “Watch out for the blender. Ah christ, not the sink sprayer!”

6 thoughts on “Overheard in LA”

  1. Kitchen?

    I think I’d be more worried about things other than scuffing on my floors (and everything else for that matter).

  2. If that IS the going rate, I will totally rent out my kitchen, so long as they have a “clean up crew”.

  3. I could use an extra $1500. They can use my whole apartment not just the kitchen.

  4. The going rate depends on the company, but on the whole it tends to be 1500 a day. That said, make sure they have the appropriate permits or you can get busted.

  5. I used to know a guy that was a location scout for a porn company and that number sounds about right. In any case, I hope they bring their own jizz mopper!

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