Bars in LA. . .a weekly review.

beer-766877.jpgHey folks, welcome to what will hopefully be a weekly feature here at Blogging.LA, the weekly bar review (okay, that isn’t the OFFICIAL name. . .we’ll work on that.) Basically, we saw that the folks at Esquire wrote a “best bars in the country” review and we were not impressed, so the mission here is to run out to as many LA bars as possible and write a little bit about them so you, the discerning reader, knows where to go and get crunk over the weekend. We’ll write a brief overview of each bar and then rate it on an overall scale, a scale we’ll call “The Kiefer Scale.” A scale we’re still fine-tuning, but one that’s been derived from LA’s favorite drunken son, Kiefer Sutherland, a man who has managed drunken exploits that astound and entertain the entire country. Do y’all think you’re ready for this?

The first bar featured comes from Wil

Lucky Baldwins
17 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, 91105 – (626) 795-0652

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You’ll love it because:
It’s an English pub in Old Town Pasadena, that doesn’t take itself too
seriously and has a 63 different taps, including a fantastic selection
of local microbrews to go with all the standard pub beers.

You’ll hate it because:
You have to go all the way to Old Town Pasadena to drink there.

Hipsters don’t hang out here because:
They have to go all the way to Pasadena to drink there.

Secret thing I know about it:
If you have a party of ten or more, you can get there sort of early, and
take the upstairs loft area above the bar. They won’t officially give it
to you, but if you’re there early enough and get set up there, nobody
will bother you. There’s occasionally a WiFi signal up there that you
can jump on, too.

Famous (or infamous) historical fact:
Rumor has it that the owner is a real misanthrope, and had to choose
between a woman and his bar. He chose the bar.

Idiots from Esquire would never go because:
I’m probably the closest thing to a “celebrity” they’re going to see.

Best time to go:
During one of the European festivals the owner runs throughout the year.
The Belgian and IPA fests are two of the best.

Worst time to go:
During any big Football match, the place is filled with expat British
soccer hooligans.

It gets a 4 on the Keifer scale of awesomeness.

The second bar gets a review from me!
2640 N Figueroa St 90065 -(323) 221-6900
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Website: No, but you can befriend Footsie’s on myspace.

You’ll love it because:
This Cypress Park dive bar is nestled between the 110 and the 5, lit mostly in red, it’s normally just dark enough to feel cozy, but not so dark you have to squint to see who you’re sitting next to. The drinks are cheap and the jukebox features everything from old soul to metal.

You’ll hate it because:
It’s a dirty dive bar full of shady characters (and a few hipsters.)

Hipsters hang out here because:
It’s a dive bar very close to Echo Park, Silver Lake and Highland Park.

Secret thing I know about it:
The Mexican place next door, El Atacor #11, not only has AWESOME food but has the WORLD CLASS tacos de papa (or potaco, as we call them,) a potato taco better than any you’ve ever tasted. Not only this but at 10 for $6 if you bring potacos into Footsie’s two people can easily eat and drink for under $10. Score.

Famous (or infamous) historical fact:
Perhaps not famous or historical, but there is at least $150 in dollar bills glued to the ceiling in this place.

Idiots from Esquire would never go because:
They drove by it and didn’t even see it was there.

Best time to go:
Sunday afternoons are super chill here, but any happy hour features $1 PBR.

Worst time to go:
The only time this bar was ever PACKED was when Midnight Ridazz ended their night here. Bikers galore. Aside from that, no time is a bad time for Footsie’s!

Due to the inherent chillness at Footsie’s, it gets a 3 on the Keifer scale.

11 thoughts on “Bars in LA. . .a weekly review.”

  1. Woo Hoo. Dave the owner of Lucky Baldwin’s is no misanthrope. How can he be? He runs my home away from home.

    Of course he also can’t be that bad. He’s a Knight (of the Brussels Brewer’s Guild)

  2. That’s why I said it was a rumor, DrewB. I actually like Dave a whole lot; he’s been really nice to me the few times I’ve talked to him.

    But the rumor was the closest I could get to infamy, and I hope to use it on my KCAL resume in the future.

  3. Infamy? The only infamy needed is to be at day 1 on the Belgian beer fest from noon till midnight and somehow remain standing!

  4. To be fair, the esquire list didn’t really seem to be about celebrities, more about places that have great drinks… or something

  5. to be fair, the esquire list was WEAK and our list is AWESOME. just wait til next week’s installment. . .

  6. Lucky’s is one of my favorite places to get a pint… and it’s conveniently located about eight blocks from where I work. It’s a great place to go on a weeknight and relax with good friends and good beer.

    Friday and Saturday nights, though, it’s damn near uninhabitable… it isn’t just standing-room-only, it’s a veritable crush all the way from the alley into the bar. Guess that’s true for most good pubs in LA, but for some reason I notice it more at Lucky’s…

  7. Worst time to go:

    During any big Football match, the place is filled with expat British soccer hooligans.

    Nice stereotyping there.

    You also don’t have to be British to watch and enjoy soccer.

  8. Jesus Christ. When did readers get so fucking serious?

    The hooligans are a joke, Evan. Relax.

    I guess I could have gone with something more pedestrian, like: It’s so crowded on the weekend, it takes five hours to walk up to the bar,” but where’s the fun in that?

    But I agree that you don’t need to be British to enjoy soccer. I’m not British (as far as I know) and I’ve been a huge soccer fan as long as I can remember. Even though I grew up in Dodger and Laker country, I’m the guy who stays up all night to watch the World Cup live when it’s on the other side of the world.

  9. I disagree with Evan (and Wil.) ALL soccer fans are British hooligans.

    I can partially confirm the historical fact, as I was formerly a neighbor of Dave’s ex-wife. And speaking of infamous, Wil isn’t the only celebrity to frequent Lucky’s. I once ran into Phil Spector there (prior to the murder charge.)

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