And On This Side, Weighing 800 Pounds…

Curbed L.A. posted this morning that Lincoln Place is Still Facing An Uncertain Future. The Venice Paper has the original article that tells us…nothing.

I posted once about the effects of gentrification in Venice. It’s something I’m a little biased on, because two of my good friends were living at Lincoln Place, until the battle became too much for them in December. They weren’t just fighting for their apartment, but for the community, and especially for the families with children, the elderly, the disabled.

The 800 pound corporate gorilla that is AIMCO is based in Colorado, which is one of the things that makes me sick about this. It’s not their community, not their city, not even their state. I seriously doubt anyone from AIMCO really understands what they’ve done. Lincoln Place is now a depressing, boarded up ghost town, instead of the vibrant community it was last summer, when I was going to “Save Lincoln Place!” legal fundraiser picnics there.

There’s not much to be done at this point, because so many of the residents have been driven out. But this is the update, right now. Stalemate. AIMCO destroys the community yet doesn’t win; a few residents stay without a victory that would ensure their security. Everyone’s lost in this one.

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