In praise of Cedars-Sinai

cedarslogo.gifI have never had to go to the hospital until last week. Oh, I had an outpatient procedure at one once, but I’ve never been admitted.

Then Friday came, and I had to make an emergency transfer from a planned home birth.

Luckily, my midwife has an established relationship with Dr. Kline, and I was admitted as his patient. I’ve never had a baby before, and if it weren’t for him I might not be here to have another one. (I won’t go into it, but the story – not for the squeamish! – is on my personal blog.)

We also totally lucked out with nurses. I had as little as possible to do with the nursery nurses (nothing personal whatsoever, just a matter of wishing to be responsible for my own baby), but the labor and delivery nurses were amazing. I had four or five over the course of our stay (I wasn’t transfered to postpartum for 24 hours because of the complications I’d had) and loved every one of them. Wendy, Rachel, Melinda, Sparky. The best people I can imagine having around during a stressful birth and recovery.

Cedars is also the only local hospital with an in-house anesthesiology team in L&D. Without them I might have died waiting for painkillers while I hemorrhaged. Scary stuff!

So I have to say that my first hospital experience was a good one, and if you are having a baby Cedars is the place to do it (if you have to be in a hospital at all).

7 thoughts on “In praise of Cedars-Sinai”

  1. woo blogger babies!

    congratulations! sounds like you had all the fun.

    I’ve a close family member who’s been rocking it all cancer-style at cedars sinai and from what i can tell those guys are seriously on the ball.

  2. Congrats on the baby and on making it through such an ordeal. Cedars-Sinai is certainly a very well respected institution and your experience shows us why.

  3. Mazel Tov, on your new addition to the family.

    Over the past 8 years, I’ve made two trips to the emergency room at Cedars. Once when I sliced my thumb open on some broken glass and the other for a kidney stone.

    The professionalism of the staff was above reproach. In a word…outstanding.

    Which is why I continue to pay $350 a month to HealthNet in order to maintain my care at Cedars.

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