Another Day, Another Ferrari Crash

23573851.jpgLast time the story involved a Ferrari Enzo and a crazy Swede, this time we’ve got a Testarossa being driven by a CHP officer. Last time there were mystery drivers, transit police badges and handguns and everyone surprised that no body died, this time, well, not. The accident happened yesterday at 3434 cornell rd in Agoura [map] and neither the driver, Officer Derek Midollo, 39, or his passenger, David Bjorklund survived. The LA Times has the story and photos of the car, NBC4 has an update and some video and we have a first hand, day after, man on the street report from Mike Outmesguine who lives out in that next of the woods. Mike writes:

“This isn’t the S-turn I thought it was. (that turn is actually 500 feet north)

But right around here is an unpredictable elevation change on what is otherwise a short straightaway. At 45 mph this is a little whupdido down and up. Much faster and your wheels get light. Speculation, but at high speeds it would probably get pretty floaty.

I learned to drive in these hills. This particular dip was a special experience late summer nights heading up to Mulholland. A Ferrari would almost have to take it fast.”

He also sent in some photos he just snapped, while it looks like they towed the car already, there still seem to be a ton of news trucks hanging around. Photos after the jump.

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7 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Ferrari Crash”

  1. It’s a terrible, terrible thing that anybody died, but I’m stuck with two thoughts:

    1) They must be paying CHP officers pretty good that they can afford a Testarossa.

    2) Describing Midollo as an “officer committed to safety” doesn’t seem to jibe with the facts. Maybe he was committed to safety while on the job, but if it turns out these deaths were caused by reckless driving, he clearly wasn’t committed to it while behind the wheel of this (did I mention how expensive it was) Ferrari.

  2. I love those roads. Even my Saab and I can’t slow down for those curves. Downshift maybe. Sorry someone didn’t realize their limits in enough time.

  3. I know Derek. Your writing is not fair. Not only that, you are making assumptions that all officers of the law speed and are reckless. Derek worked a lot of overtime and saved for a long time to buy that car. Yes, it was an exotic, but it was also almost 13 years old. People today are paying much higher sums of money for new cars. I welcome you to come to work with me for a day and then you can decide if the tax payers of this great state are getting what they deserve.

  4. I am Derek’s cousin, and you are all, except for one, a bunch of jerks. Wait until it happens to someone you love and we’ll see how glib you are.

  5. I don’t know anyone stupid enough to simultaneously floor the brake and accelerator on a 600+ horsepower car and drive off of a straight road with the front wheels locked.

    Maybe he was spooked when his radar detector went off?

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