Somewhat more politically loaded graffiti in Atwater Village.

atwatergraffiti.jpgLast week I was walking back from Del Taco (I told you I was there a lot) and I did a double take as I saw this image painted on the sidewalk just past The Roost on Los Feliz Blvd in Atwater Village. I’m not sure when it showed up, but it’s been there for at least two or three weeks, I think. Not sure where it came from or if there are more but after we’d been on the topic of tagging and street art that it was worth mentioning. Now, obviously, the image is a pretty loaded one. Has anyone seen these elsewhere around town or know who or why they’re throwing them around? Is it just someone who thinks its funny? I’ve seen lots of people walk by it, most don’t seem to notice. From across the street I saw one gawky dude with glasses accompanied by what looked to be his grandpa, do a weird chicken dance over it. I couldn’t tell if he thought it was really funny or if he was really offended. What do you folks think?

11 thoughts on “Somewhat more politically loaded graffiti in Atwater Village.”

  1. In the wake of all the controversy, rioting, and violence that followed the original publication of those cartoons it seems like people are starting to care less about their frequent reappearance. The rioting and threats caused a lot of people to take it upon themselves for whatever reason to post the cartoons up. It seems at the point where it just doesn’t have the same impact anymore and people just aren’t giving as much of a crap over its presence. Or maybe I’m completely full of it and my world view is skewed. Meh.

  2. Who knows what its all about, my snide side says no one cares about the original intent. Its current meaning will be revealed to us in posters stapled on every light pole they can announcing some new music venue or worse…anti-starbuckian coffee shop. Either that or its a great conspiracy and that is the markers where terrorist meet to drop of plans on their next hit. Whatever.

  3. people who get their panties in a bind over a cartoon need to seriously examine their priorities.

  4. Boxers? No way, Cooper. The only reason they’re so uptight and angry is becase they wear tighty-whitey briefs and haven’t yet discovered the freedom and relaxation that boxers bring.

  5. I was going to say “people who get their turbans in a bind” but i was worried about death threats that might bring..

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