Killing the Crows

Well, not really – but I want to. For the past week or so, these big black crows have been hanging out in the tree in front of my house. They caw, caw, caw, just like they are doing now, for hours, while I try to keep concentration to write. Today, one of those beautiful stereotypical LA days, I was woken up by the caw, caw, cawing of the crow at 5am!

Quoth the heathervescent “Nevermore!”

* photo from crunchbot via Flickr

11 thoughts on “Killing the Crows”

  1. Having the same crow problem here in Hollywood, but my girlfriend has fended them off using the Supersoaker I’d bought originally for Streetwars.

  2. Get an AirSoft pistol. Shoot the fucker once. It won’t hurt him, but he won’t come back.

    Not that I did that, because it would be wrong.

  3. Yes, I have a supersoaker – unfortunately not on me. I do have a shotgun – don’t ask me why, but I wouldn’t want those West Hollywood sirens come after me. Interestingly enough, when I blog about em, they seem to shut up. But when I try to get some actual work done – caw caw caw.

  4. Even though I do see crows sometimes, they aren’t the bird that is keeping me awake in the mornings right now. There is some sort of bird chilling in the trees in my front yard that aside from its strange chirping makes this sound that from inside of your home sounds like loud breathing, or loud gasps for breath. Not only is it disruptive to my weekend sleeping in until 2pm schedule, and creepy, but it is also driving me nuts that I have no idea what bird this is. Any ideas?

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