Save the planet! See a movie!


For as flipped out as my new consciousness about impending global doom has me, there are some bright spots. One of them is the re-jiggered Al Gore, whose modest, longterm, road show on global warming/impending doom has been transformed into An Inconvenient Truth, a major (we can only hope) motion picture which opens Wednesday in Los Angeles (at Laemmle’s Monica 4, the Arclight and Century City) and New York.

The trailer is fantastic. The reviews are fantastic. This interview with Al Gore in Grist magazine (Grist magazine” href=””>link via is fantastic.

Yes, there’s a (transparent) campaign afoot to build buzz , but it’s for a good cause, and yes, posting about this (transparently) makes me part of it, but this here is one important word to get out. Take the pledge to see it opening weekend or don’t, but see it opening weekend. That’s why you live in L.A., right? To be in the know before your pals in the flyover states?

So…save the world! See a movie! (And maybe carpool, bike or take public transportation to do so?)

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  1. A number of the Arclight screenings on Wednesday night are already sold out, probably due in part to a Q&A by director Davis Guggenheim is giving before and after some shows.

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