Nightmare on Elm Street Hollywood Blvd. fears about the creepy costumed characters who linger in front of the Chinese Theatre have been confirmed.

The Freddy Krueger character was arrested last night for stabbing a homeless man with his “knife-like fingernails”.

“We thought all the characters on Hollywood Boulevard had props made of plastic, but this guy’s hands were made of real metal,” LAPD Lt. Dennis Ballas said. (source: CBS 2 News)

Yikes! I think this is probably the same Krueger character who hangs out with the even creepier Chucky (played convincingly by a black midget).

For previous coverage on the costumed freaks characters check out Koga’s posts on last years extortion sting here and here.

3 thoughts on “Nightmare on Elm Street Hollywood Blvd.”

  1. Thats terrible, and scary….

    And to think I actually took a picture with zorro once there….He could have stabbed me with his sword if I didn’t tip!

  2. Up ’till March I used to live right near there on the corner of Hwood & La Brea, and I would walk out of my way, even out into the street, to avoid those nutsjobs– not that I inherently object to people in costumes, but they– and especially the “scary” ones– would get RIGHT UP IN YOUR FACE. Trying to, you know, “scare” you. Which is great for Billy Bob and Wendy Mae from Oklahoma or whatever, but for those of us who lived there and had to deal with those clowns every day, it’s like “GET THE F OUT OF MY FACE NOW, YOU FREAK.” Some of those guys are really, really bad judges of body language, so all in all I’m not really surprised that eventually an “incident” would occur. Just glad I moved away before it happened to me…

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