Yo Momma?

opus.jpgIn an ironic twist of fate, TV writer Opus Moreschi who’s blog is at www.yomomma.com has ended up with a gig working at MTV Networks, who air the unrelated television show “Yo Momma”. Adding to the irony is that Opus had previously solicited the show’s producers to buy his eight year old domain name:

Last year, upon hearing of this show, I wrote a letter to the production company (I believe it’s called FezCo or something) telling them they could, for a handsome price, purchase this domain name from me. I haven’t heard from them. But if anybody’s interest, and you’ve got a ton of money burning a hole in your pocket… let me know.

Just no jokes about my Momma. She’s a goddamn saint.

Of course, it is inevitable that everyone in Los Angeles has to end up working for “The Network” at some point, so maybe this is less ironic or twist of fate, as it is merely humorous. But Opus seems to be having more fun at MTV than the rest of us. His most recent entry describes his successful effort to add his own photo to an MTV “wall of fame” alongside Alanis Morrisette, John Mellencamp, and Mick Jaggar. Its been two weeks, and nobody appears to have noticed.

(photo from Opus’ Flickr)