Go Dog Go!

So fellow Blogging.la contributor Hexodus has a white pitbull named Banana who wins the Bitchin’ Dog Of The Week Award. Just check this video he captured of her at play in Elysian Park to see what I mean and to answer the question “What does Banana Fetch?” with “Anything she wants!”

10 thoughts on “Go Dog Go!”

  1. I wonder what the weight to strength ratio of that little beastie is? Something approaching an Ant I’m thinking… According to the Blue Square Group, Forest Ants have been reported to carry 39.7 times their body weight. How much does Banana weigh?

  2. haha. thanks will! i will show this to Banana when i get home.

    she weighs about 65lbs and can pull a damn lot. one of these days i will enter her into a weight pulling competition…

    she’s all muscle!

  3. Pit Bulls are the B E S T. They’re funny, cute, and loyal. Mine just dug 4 feet down into the ground to bring me a present…. a gopher. RIP gopher.

  4. I can see him playing fetch at the Scottish Highland games. Where they throw the giant telephone pole.

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