The Ditty Bops Summer Bicycle Tour Update…


Last month, I mentioned that the L.A.-based musical duo known as The Ditty Bops (MySpace) were starting their nationwide bicycle tour (according to a press release they’ve “…been cycling 150 to 200 miles a week in the Hollywood Hills and Santa Monica Mountains, rain or shine”) to promote their sophomore album, Moon Over The Freeway.

Next Tuesday, they begin that tour with a free show at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. And next Wednesday, they return to Morning Becomes Eclectic and to host a record release party at, where else, but The Derby in Los Feliz:

the evening begins at 8:30 and you won’t want to miss a thing. lot’s of great performers will be joining us including LYNN JEFFRIES AND HER ENTOURAGE OF SHADOW PUPPETS, BURLESQUE DANCERS GALORE, THE SILENT FILMS of COSMO WITH MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT by F-STOP SERENADE, AND KARAOKE STARRING YOU! See you there.


And next Thursday, their first bike ride is from Venice to Malibu, followed by another bike ride next Friday to Santa Barbara:

We’ll ride along the bike path from Venice to the Palisades and break there. Then those who want to ride to Malibu with us, we’ll have a picnic at Zuma Beach. Bring a sac lunch. more details coming soon.

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They also have a blog that’s covering their bicycling progress in vivid detail:

Mothers Day Training Ride
The highlight of today’s ride was not the shit filled plastic bag strewn across mullholland drive, nor was it getting pulled over by the cops for running a red light in encino. For Amanda it was sleeping on the sidewalk in front of a Canoga park eatery after consuming two spanikopita, a large salad, and a carob mint shake. Details follow: a 58 mile ride with lots of hills, some long and gradual, some short and very steep. it was cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon with a bit of a head wind. all the mustard on mullholland drive is in bloom and it looks beautiful despite all the smog down below. abby was dissapointed that she did not meet her 60 mile goal for the day, but she added in extra hills instead of the flats so what does she expect. the total miles for last week was 293. high speed was recorded by abby at 36.5 mph followed closely behind by amanda at 36.2. today’s food log; abby ate: one bowl of oatmeal with apples, raisins, and rice milk, half of a mushroom and grain burger, a choclate mint shake, a large salad, two bites of amanda’s spanikopita, bowl of brown rice, cup of miso soup, two cups of fish soup, kale, hijiki, tofu salad, lotus root, three to four bites of rick’s soy ice cream, cherry flavored, one glass of herbal tonic, a lot more cherry soy ice cream later. amanda ate: one bowl of oatmeal (same as abby’s), the aforementioned spanikopita lunch, half a bowl of fish soup, one cup bean soup, one glass herbal tonic, pickled cabbage, hijiki, kale, tofu salad, five spoonfuls of abby’s brown rice, half (at least) of rick’s four scoops of cherry soy cream, and a lot more ice cream later. abby agrees the highlight was lying in the sun on the sidewalk. today’s ride completed a good training week for us. tomorrow is a rest day and we’re glad because our legs are a bit sore already. For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re in training for our cross country bike tour. we will soon have a new page for our day to day blog but for now it’ll be on the news page. for more training ride info. see other entries below.

May 13th training ride
there are only a matter of days before we leave for our “Moon Over the Freeway” bicycle across america tour. we’ve been training hard and here is our account: todays ride, May 13th: 80 miles. mostly flat with 15 miles of hills at the tail end. relatively cool with clouds then sun. amanda got a sunburn. abby got a flat tire at the end near her house. today ABBY ate: half a grapefruit, one organic cliff nectar bar, one bowl of rice cereal, eggplant and navy bean salad, two small pieces of bread drenched in olive oil, entire head of butter lettuce and tomato salad, half of a raspberry tart, half of another rich dessert, deep fried mochi, brown rice, huge miso soup with lots of vegetables, arame with raw saurkraut. one large chocolate chip cookie. today AMANDA ate: one piece of yeast free toast with blackberry jam, one peanut butter cliff bar, bannana smoothie with rice milk, two HA’s apple dried fruit rolls, eggplant and three bean salad, oven roasted veggies, kale, tofu salad, sesame bean sprouts, pickled cabbage, cup of bean soup, deep fried mochi, coconut macaroon, one large chocolate chip cookie. today was the first day riding 80 miles!!!

May 10th training ride
Today’s ride was 40 miles of long hill climbing. Abby got hit by a car in the firts five minutes of the ride but she was not hurt. We continued to ride up into the Hollywood hills and across to Topanga State Park where we were chased by a swarm of angry bees. Then we were stalled on the trail for 5 minutes debating which way we should go to get around the rattlesnake that was taking a nap in the middle of the trail. all this and we still made it to Tap Dancing class with 10 minutes to spare.

Meanwhile, other websites such as Car Free LA (and Bike Portland) have picked up on the bicycle tour as well.

UPDATE: Moon Over The Freeway is now available to listen in its entirety via streaming audio courtesy of LOGO.

And here are their finalized plans for next Thursday’s bike ride from Venice to Zuma Beach:

May 25th you are invited to ride your bike with us as we ride out of town. We’ll meet at 10 am on Thursday morning in Venice at Rose and the Venice Boardwalk. We’ll ride to Temescal and PCH along the bike path for a nice leisurely ride. We’ll break there and be serenaded by Amanda’s dad’s stilt brass band “Lou Wow and the Poi Boys.” From there those who want to can ride with us along PCH to Zuma Beach for a picnic lunch. Bring a sac lunch, sunscreen and plenty of water.

UPDATE 2: Updated the biking journal link.

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