In which I praise the bagging of my groceries!

I stopped at Nature Mart today, which is on Hillhurst up above Franklin (I don’t remember the exact cross street). I am trying to get away from Whole Foods as much as I can, in part because the staff in the Whole Body section is rude and unknowledgeable (perhaps not across the board, but every time I’ve been there save one).

Three ladies in the vitamin/body section asked me (unobtrusively) if they could be of any help, left me alone when I said no thank you, and then when I did want help I got it. Amazing! They did not have everything I wanted in stock, but were able to tell me which items would be coming in and when.

I picked up a few food items as well and then headed to the checkout. The woman who rang me up was friendly, seemed thrilled when I ran outside to my car for the slightly used paper grocery bags I’ve been carrying around to recycle, and packed my groceries properly. (I often bag my own, but this morning my feet were swollen and I just wanted to get home.) She used two bags, though my items technically would have fit into one. The first bag contained all of the products from the body section — feminine items, soap, arnica — a bag of flour and two cans. The second bag was just for my fresh produce.

It was wonderful.

Oh, and the prices were pretty darn good, too, as far as health food store prices go.