Still the Silver Lake savings leader


Skeevy or no, Ralph’s still delivers the savings.

Everything I bought was with a coupon or on sale within the store, and it was all the stuff and the brands I always buy. In case you can’t see, I spent $37.55 and saved $27.06 – that’s 41.88 percent savings!


6 thoughts on “Still the Silver Lake savings leader”

  1. Peach jello, orange juice and cat food huh? Sounds liek you know how to fuckin’ party! Let’s hang out Miss Excitement!

  2. Now I’m REALLY glad I checked to see my credit card number isn’t on the receipt – and here I thought I was just being paranoid.

    Feel free to rag on me for buying chicken, cheese, and Atkins bars too – I have nothing to hide!

  3. I’m not ragging, take a pill lady! I’m saying lets party with some jello and pet cats!

  4. OH my. Well, I can only guess this is the origin of my “fun vacuum” status….

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