Pretty decent blueberries at Costco

I’m kind of hit and miss with Costco produce, mostly because I’m just not feeding an army. But looking at the grocery store prices for a tiny packet of crummy blueberries, well, I was forced to explore other avenues.

Which brought me to Costco in Los Feliz, where you can get 18 ounces (not what is it, three?) of pretty damn decent blueberries for I think about 5 bucks. Same price if not less than the tiny grocery pack!

And let me tell you, nothing on earth is quite as unpleasant as a bad blueberry, so you know I was skeptical when I opened this tub.

But huzzah! I pronounce the Costco berries to be more than suitable – downright yummy! Let the antioxidants abound!

3 thoughts on “Pretty decent blueberries at Costco”

  1. The fruit I get from costco is usually Awesome. Since they come in such large quantities that by the time I get to the end of the endless box the begin to spoil, I worked out a system with some friends where we split up the fruit/price. That way we all get the great fruits for cheap in not so insane quantities.

  2. Monica…your system rocks but I’ll stick with mine.Set aside nibble-on amount of fruit. Blend remaining fruit, add tequila and triple sec and you got yourself some margaritas…freeze some fruit blendie stuff for future drinking adventures and never let good fruit go bad ;^)(okay who remembers that snapple comercial, now that one rocked hard!)

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