Pomona Cuts the Cord; Nuñez Proposes Wi-Fi Warnings

Thanks to a joint venture between a handful of tech companies, the City of Pomona has joined communities like Culver City in offering free municipal wi-fi access. Pomona’s newly launched network serves a square mile plus of downtown, including what sounds like most of the municipal buildings. I’ve never used one of these free muni-wi-fi services, and I’m interested to hear how people like them. Are any of you using one regularly?

In related news LA Dem and State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez has introduced legislation intended to reduce incidents of wi-fi “piggybacking.” Assembly Bill 2415 would put the onus on manufacturers to provide warning to the consumer on how to protect their personal information while using a Wi-Fi device. This seems like a much less boneheaded approach than past legislative efforts to outlaw open networks outright, but I haven’t seen a lot of debate about it yet so we’ll see where it goes.