Getting Rid of Pesky Old License Plates

A couple of months ago, my car got totaled. I got a new car….but, having visions of my old license plates ending up on a stolen car and getting endless tickets or some other such nonsense….I removed my plates before I gave up the car to insurance land. Now I have these old plates (the new car had to get new ones, couldn’t use the old ones, I checked!) and I don’t have any idea of how to get rid of them so they don’t end up in the wrong hands. Yeah, I could toss them, but they could always end up in the wrong dumpster diving hands. Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Pesky Old License Plates”

  1. (without bothering to check first) I would bet you could dump them at any AAA or DMV office. You could also fold and unfold them in half a few times until they snap. Numbers are still readable but nobody’s putting them on a car.

  2. Ruth666 is on the right path. If you’re not going the art route, drop them off at your local AAA. (I stay away from the DMV as much as possible.)

  3. there are artists who turn old license plates into covers for journals or purses. you may want to google it and engage them. there’s got to be someone like that in LA.
    if you can’t find one, I know one here in Portland.

  4. i love collecting lisccence plates from different states and provinces in canada i wish i could have it.:(

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