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I’ve got a new gripe with Gelsons. Their baggers are completely incompetent. Take this morning for example, I ran in to pick up a few things. I grabbed one of those little red carry baskets because I new I only needed a handful of stuff. When I got to the register I had one (1) bottle of Ice Tea, one (1) bottle of lemonade, one (1) bag of chips, and one (1) bottle of laundry detergent. 4 items. All easily carried in the one basket with one hand. Of course I was asked if I wanted paper or plastic, and as I usually do I chose paper. The main reason I ask for paper is because you can fit more stuff in it and it’s easier to carry. The cashier rings me up, I get to the end of the counter and there are four (4) paper bags sitting there, one item in each. WTF? So right in front of the bagger I emptied three of the bags into one, grabbed it and walked away leaving the 3 other empty bags sitting on the counter for the next customer who had an entire cart full of foodstuffs.

I mean, seriously, what is going on with this? When I was a freshman in highschool I worked at a grocery store and we had to watch about 48 hours worth of “this is how you pack a bag” videos. While I thought they were completely retarded at they time, maybe there weren’t because I now know that you could fit more than one item in a bag.

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  1. So when you set up this site, was “” already taken?


  2. wow. slamming an entire grocery chain because of one guy’s lack of skill. seems like of hasty.

    for the record, the gelson’s in woodland hills has their shit on point.

  3. Your case seems a little extreme, but in my experience this under-loading of bags is pretty common practice at the Gelson’s in Silverlake. Several times I’ve consolidated my groceries and saved at least a bag. It’s quite a contrast to the Trader Joe’s across the street where they seem to encourage packing the bags as full as possible. Works for me.

  4. The bagger was probably just following their standard procedure. Typically, laundry detergent shouldn’t be put in the same bag as food and glass bottles might be put in separate bags to make sure that they don’t break by bumping up against each other.

  5. Gelson’s is too expensive for me and I guess their reason for the price markups is because they put everything in its own damn bag!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This strangely seems to be a SoCal phenomenon that all the chains are guilty of. But yeah, Ralphs and Gelsons…what’s up with so many bags? I’ve even seen the stickers when checking out at Ralphs: “Strive for 5!” as in put at least five things in the bag.

    Even TJ’s, as lovely as their packing job usually is, puts 2 paper bags inside a plastic bag. This hefty triple-bag negates any benefit of packing ’em in fuller.

  7. I’ve had similar experiences at grocery stores in LA. On occasion, I’ve specifically requested paper, no plastic, and not double-bagged. What do I generally receive? One paper bag, with 2 plastic bags on the outside, holding very few items. I guess it’s time to start carrying one of those canvas reusable bags. (Of course, that doesn’t solve the “produce smushed underneath a pile of canned goods” problem…)

  8. sean, maybe at the next barcamp you can demonstrate proper bag-packing skills. what do you think?

  9. Hopefully it wasn’t the cute chubby Latina with the sexy librarian glasses. I’ve got a thing for her, obviously, and she has always bagged my over-priced stuff just fine…

    It is a bit whiney, though.

  10. Coincidentally, when I went in to Whole Foods in Pasadena on Sunday I was told that they were no longer offering paper bags, because they were “too expensive”. I would assume this means all Whole Foods, in SoCal at the least.

    Considering the prices Whole Foods charges, this is ludicrous.

    How interesting that you go from Ralph’s routinely double-plastic/paper-bagging to Whole Foods dropping paper altogether.

  11. Ever thought about just bringing your own canvas bag and telling them to stuff it full? They never rip and you can get more in there. Whole Foods and others give you credits for it too. Whaddarya gonna do with all dem bags anyway?

  12. I use my old paper bags for carting recyclables and donating things to Goodwill. I love having a few around the house. Most of the plastic bags just get recycled immediately, though. Offering only plastic bags doesn’t really fit with my image of Whole Foods as a health-conscious, environmentally-friendly store. Yet another reason to avoid shopping there, I suppose.

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