The third rule of Felt Club…

Actually, I don’t know the rules. You’d have to ask Ruth. But I do have pictures.

More after the cut.

Art Felt (sadly, she does not have a website, but she will be at the July Felt Club)

Tsai-Fi (say it outloud) (sadly due to sun glare I cropped out some of her cutest creations, so you should check out her website)

All the vendors had terrific stuff. I wished I had lots of disposable income instead of just enough money to buy a bottle of water.

5 thoughts on “The third rule of Felt Club…”

  1. Jordan Crane too, signing prints! WHOOO ACCESSIBLE AFFORDABLE ART!

    It was too darn hot out there for those folks. Everyone kept telling me their ‘there was supposed to be a tent’ story.

  2. True, there was supposed to be shade, but as often occurs with the first of something, things didn’t go according to plan. Rest assured this will be solved in time for the next event (mid-June).

  3. a Festival for the rest of y’all

    Where are the festivals in LA – where was this picture taken – at a festival? Which one why do all the LA festivals suck – the Broadway 5 de Mayo festival is the only good one and none of the white kids go. There are good bands in this city and lots of people but all the festivals suck – your pictures reminded me. The felting is nice though.


  4. Yay, thanks for the photos, Annika!

    Yep, there will be shade at the JUNE 10 event and a very good probability of an ice cream vendor as well. Believe you me, the sun was worse for the vendors than for the visitors, who were in it only briefly (as they would be at any outdoor event). But even so, we were all super happy with how things went overall. We had a blast!!

    BTW there’s a Felt Club Flickr group here:

    Thanks again!!

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