I’ve got a new favorite coffee shop

teaforest.jpgWhile Teaforest isn’t brand new, it’s new to me and I’m in love. I spotted it while heading down Washington Blvd in Culver City (it’s located at 8686 Washington) on my way to Starbucks. Since I’ve been searching for a good coffee shop in this neck of the woods I was both delighted to find this and pissed that I hadn’t noticed it earlier. I hooked a U-ee immediately to check it out. I was immediately impressed by the super minimal and streamlined interior but forgot all about that when I took the first sip. This place rocks from top to bottom. And they have Wi-Fi. And a stack of Wired and Dwell magazines if you just want to hang out. I think they can even make you a sandwhich if that’s what you are looking for. In addition to all that, they have close to 6,851 different kinds of tea. Yes, I counted. Since finding it I’ve been back 5 times and while a latte is a little more expensive than the ‘bucks, it tastes so much better and knowing that cash is going to a cool local business rather than, well, not, makes it something not even worth worrying about.

3 thoughts on “I’ve got a new favorite coffee shop”

  1. Teaforest has some tasty sandwiches, too, but for the best coffee in Culver City, head west a bit and check the Conservatory at 10117 Washington Blvd. (between Madison and Jasmine).

  2. I have been wanting to check this spot out. Sounds like a perfect place to relax and read a book. Are they open on Sundays?

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