How lame is this?

Check out this package containing three cds that was returned to me a day after I dropped it in the mailbox. Yeah, making me “present this package” to the deformed lady behind the counter of the Hollywood post office is going to make our world a lot safer. I hate pigs.

10 thoughts on “How lame is this?”

  1. Umm, have you been living in a cave for the last decade? This is a post-unabomber thing. Every damn mailbox on earth has a little note about this requirement: You can’t put stamps on a package and drop it in the mailbox anymore. It’s an imperfect scheme, of course since I could stamp a letterbomb with your return address on it, and put it in a mailbox and the post office would gladly deliver it to you, but this is far from something new or unpublicized.

  2. the poor postal employee is both retarded and deformed?

    you can still avoid talking to her by using the automated machine that’s in most post office lobbies now. (at least up here in the bay area)

  3. You guys both beat me to both my comments!

    Yes, since Sept 12th all mailboxes bear this notice. Sure it’s an inconvenience, but it’s probably worth it. Telling you to learn to read before yelling “pig” would be mean, so I would never say that ….

    And yes, I was just about to do a post reminding people that that little machine in most postal lobbies (for sure one at Griffith Station on Glendale Blvd) is a lifesaver. Takes debit and credit cards, and there’s almost never a line.

  4. Yeah read the title of this post… the point was… How lame is it? It’s retarded. You guys are fun vacuums by the way.

  5. maybe they want you in the post office so you’re caught on surveillance. it’s not like they inspect your package when you drop it off. they just want to be able to find you after the package explodes.

    btw: good to see that the postal employee is no longer retarded, just deformed. ha ha ha.

  6. I did take it into the post office… I dropped it off in the mail slot…. which is my point… this kinda shit is stupid, pointless and wastes my time…. oh and Don and Ruth666 are both fun vacuums. You guys neg my vibes.

  7. Travis:
    Word from the post office is they were concerned by the content of the actual CDs.
    Hootie and the Blowfish? Seriously, man. Next time save yourself the embarassment and just email some mp3s… and use a proxy.

  8. David:
    Negative. It was a Gayrilla Biscuit cd and a Shat cd for I-Tunes. You’re prolly stoked on shit like that huh? Well don’t worry you’ll be able to buy it on your computer in like 4 weeks!!!!

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