The New, Improved Hotel Cafe

For those of you who haven’t been, Hotel Cafe have finished their renovations, and are better than ever. And I’m not just saying that because they now serve hard liquor. They have a whole separate second room that is quiet enough to talk in, yet the main music performance room still has the great acoustics for the performing band. I saw nearLY there two weeks ago, and it was a really lovely show.

You can check it out by going to see my friend Bryan Master tomorrow. Bryan has played such places as the Viper Room and Room 5 and the Mint so far this year, and now you can catch his beautifully written songs on Saturday. He goes on at 10pm, and really, Hotel Cafe cover (I think it’s $8) is a small price to pay for the evening of music.

5 thoughts on “The New, Improved Hotel Cafe”

  1. I love the Hotel Cafe! One of my favorite spots, especially since they knocked down those walls and doubled the size so now you can actually stand comfortably and listen to the bands. It was such an gross squeeze before. It’s a nice step away from the Hollywood uber-hip, “pretty” bars like Cinespace or the Beauty Bar across the street.

  2. Is it still super warm on the inside? I went to see Trespassers William with some folks once and two of us fell asleep (sorry band, not your fault)

  3. I love the new Hotel Cafe look! I remember hating it because it was too small, sound sucked and they didn’t serve hard liquor. Though I hate how much the drinks cost.

  4. Agreed that the Hotel Cafe iseven more fabulous now. It is my favorite music venue to just kick back and relax.

    sherrie, it’s not as hot as it once was – they have many more fans now. It can still get warm but as hot as those summer days from years ago :)

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