Stamp Out a Little Hunger Tomorrow

bla-stampout.jpgTomorrow is the collection day for the National Association of Letter Carriers food drive called Stamp Out Hunger.

You probably got a flyer in your mailbox and it’s so simple:

Simply gather together unperishable food donations for America’s Second Harvest and put them by your mailbox before you mail carrier gets there tomorrow. They will gather them up and take them to the food bank for sorting and distribution.

Surely you’ve got some cans of soup you didn’t care for or a couple of boxes of pasta to spare for hungry families? More info after the jump.

Food Drive Fact Sheet

On Saturday, May 13, 2006, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) will collect food donations to benefit those at greatest hunger risk in an effort to fight hunger during the NALC’s 14th annual Stamp Out Hunger! food drive.

Beyond the Call of Duty…
Stamp Out Hunger! is a nationwide effort to provide food to local food banks and pantries, which would otherwise have depleted stocks during the summer months, to help feed the hungry on a daily basis.

The nation’s 240,000 letter carriers will be collecting food donations in more than 10,000 local communities and delivering them to food bank members of America’s Second Harvest – The Nation’s Food Bank Network and other hunger relief organizations.

Last year the letter carriers collected over 71 million pounds of food from generous Americans, bringing their impressive 13 year total to more than 695 million pounds.

Campbell Soup Company is supporting this important initiative by kicking off the food drive with a national donation of one million pounds of soup and other food and beverage items that will be donated to food banks across the country.

The world famous Harlem Globetrotters are also getting into the game. They are teaming with Campbell to produce a television public service announcement (PSA) that uses their unique brand of basketball to showcase how easy it is to participate in the drive.

The Face of Hunger:
According to the America’s Second Harvest, 38 million Americans are food insecure, hungry or at risk of hunger. Approximately one in four people in a soup kitchen line is a child.

You Can Help…
Helping Stamp Out Hunger! is as easy as checking your mailbox. Just leave a bag of non-perishable food where your letter carrier normally delivers your mail. Your letter carrier will then pick up and deliver the food to a local food bank. Examples of non-perishable items include:
–>Canned soup
–>Canned meats and fish
–>Canned juices
–>Canned vegetables and fruits
–>Boxed goods (such as cereal)
–>Pasta and rice

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3 thoughts on “Stamp Out a Little Hunger Tomorrow”

  1. Did anyone donate?
    I chose not to, since they can’t even deliver a piece of mail within three weeks (San Berdoo to 90025). How can we expect tehm to deliver the “nonperishables” before they spoil???

  2. I put out a box of some pastas, asian noodle bowls, baking mixes and some canned soups.

    I think Ruth666 was also going to participate.

    SK – hey, there’s nothing that says you have to rely on the post office to take a donation to a food bank.

    However, when we did our kitchen remodel and I wanted to donate all of our staples instead of storing them for three months, it was pretty hard to just go drop things off – the hours for the foodbanks were the exact same ones as my office hours.

    The convenience worked for me.

  3. I placed eight cans of food atop our community mail boxes at 6 in the morning. By 2 in the afternoon, no one else had made similar donations, could be many of my neighbors are not into reading blogs?

    SK, the mail service is very poor in San Dimas 91773 as well, my LA Weekly takes up to three weeks to arrive at times.


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