Jedi Master Yoga

bear_yoga.jpgFor some reason I’ve spent the majority of the last week telling random people “No, I don’t take yoga” and “No, I don’t have any advice of good yoga places” and “No, I couldn’t tell you if X yoga place is better than Y yoga place”. People, I don’t know anything about yoga so I’m a terrible souce of info. However, lucky for all of you, Chill Out LA has a list of Yoga & Pilates deals all around town. Check it:

“We all know that a regular yoga or Pilates routine keeps us looking and feeling great, but $15 or more per class can add up. That’s why Chill Out LA brings you the latest community yoga class schedules, along with exclusive Los Angeles yoga and Pilates studio discounts every month.”

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Sean! As it happens, we also publish reviews of cheap massage places, day spa discount offers, etc. on Anyone can sign up for our free weekly newsletter to get weekly updates.

  2. We love ChillOutLA! They’re the best resource for spa deals and cheap yoga classes locally. I look forward to getting my weekly email every Thursday.

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