Gay Edge hardcore band from Los Angeles!

LA’s best (and possibly only) self proclaimed “Gay Edge” hardcore band, Gayrilla Biscuits, have released another solid sounding limited 7 inch. You can pick this beast up at Amoeba in Hollywood, Amoeba in San Francisco or Vinyl Solution in Orange County. If you prefer your music digital, the songs will be up on I tunes as well very shortly. Two of the new songs are available to hear online from the “Hung Queens Can Suck It” e.p. now. Check out “Bringin’ It Down My Throat” on the official Gayrilla Biscuits myspace page and “Gay Edge Revenge” on the Buddyhead myspace page. You can also buy “Big Dick on I tunes by clicking here. I’ve haven’t seen these guys play live yet, but my friend Aaron saw them a few times at the now defunct “Malebox” in West Hollywood last year and said they were one of the tightest and craziest bands he’d ever seen. The band is currently gearing up and getting ready for some live shows soon from what I hear. All I have to say is… Gay edge revenge!

11 thoughts on “Gay Edge hardcore band from Los Angeles!”

  1. While I’ll leave it to others to define what is or is not in poor taste, I must say that I personally find the graphic associated with this post to be (if nothing else) entirely unnecessary.

    That’s my US $0.02 YMMV.


  2. I have to agree with Brian on this. I am in no way a prude nor a republican. But some of us read this blog at work so next time maybe a “graphic after the jump (NSFW)” would be more appropriate next time.

  3. Gayrilla Biscuits are probably one of the best and funniest band’s I’ve ever heard. Such a good band. They’ve inspired many other GayCore bands such as Black Fag and Youth of Togay.

    – Michael –

  4. i say, get over the picture. it’s not like you’ve never seen a frickin’ penis before. it’s a tiny drawing. the whining is the unnecessary part of this whole thing.

    more power to “gay edge” in hollywood.

  5. lighten the fuck up. do you guys own a calender? you realize it’s 2006, right? take a midol and shut the fuck up.

  6. I’m with Fred & Brian on this one. It has nothing to do with lightening up or what year it is. If you’re going to post graphics like this do us all a favor and post them after the jump with a NSFW disclaimer. A lot of us read this blog at work, so some discretion would be appreciated.

  7. Try playing ‘Big Dick’ to a room of tipsy jocks. As they start jumping around to it, the expression of the first person to realise what he’s listening to is priceless.

    After that, anything you play, even the most macho gangsta rap you have, will be treated with suspicion.

  8. I’ve just been staying at home waiting for something to happen, but I don’t care. Basically nothing seems worth thinking about. I can’t be bothered with anything recently.

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