More maps!


In the spirit of Sean’s floodmaps below, I was running around at Curbed LA last night and ran across this article that highlights maps from Propertyshark with, among other things, an extensive breakdown of the density of single men in LA. Ladies, take note.

For living and hanging out in an area with a “scarce” population of single dudes you’d think I’d be doing better with the ladies, wouldn’t you? The data is apparently culled from the 2000 census so be wary, not only is there no way to tell if the single men are straight or not but single men may’ve shifted since the map was made.

2 thoughts on “More maps!”

  1. I bet the same areas you find a bunch of single men you’ll also find single women, same goes for married stats. So, I don’t think you can blame yourself if you’re not finding a girl in your ‘hood.

    A Google map that showed the boy/girl ration in different neighborhoods would be more helpful, especially if it also broke things down by sexual preference.

  2. Thanks for bringing this map to my attention–looks like a heavy concentration of single men are in WeHo…hmm…and 98% of L.A. is married.

    Now I’m sad.

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