Go Get ‘Em Slugger

Local food blogger, Matt Armendariz, is taking that whole “eat local thing literally. His most recent post is about eating the snails from his backyard … yes, preparing them like escargot.

I guess the caveat here is that he didn’t know where the snails had been, so he caught them and kept them, feeding them a clean, pesticide-free diet.

If you have garden pests, maybe it’s time to fight fire with fire. I wonder if you can do the same with the slugs.

Photo by quinet

4 thoughts on “Go Get ‘Em Slugger”

  1. I could never bring myself to eat an animal who’s anus is located directly above its face.

  2. In France, to clean the snails, they put them in cages and feed them cornmeal for three days and then yum! garlic & butter are their fate.
    And re the face/anus connection….I’ve yet to meet a guy who wouldn’t at least try and combine the two. Ah, gymnastics!

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