A Brief Interlude with Nature


A year ago this was A STICK, a tiny cutting given to me by a friend.

Hoo-GAH these Angels Trumpets are an ambitious bunch….

4 thoughts on “A Brief Interlude with Nature”

  1. Pretty, but don’t do nothing but look at ’em… Potentially toxic if ingested. I even read one account of a greenthumber who got splattered with water that she was hosing them off with and suffered a severe reaction that landed her in the emergency room.

  2. I second that – those things can mess unwary folks up – also be careful if you have plant eating pets around those – or teenagers. They’re good lookin’ suckers, though.

  3. AWW, what weenies!! Make tea out of them and you’ll get so high you’ll think your arm is a roast beef sandwich and try to gnaw it off.

    Now, that’s what dope id all about.

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