362_large.JPG.jpgDamon’s Steak House has been a favorite of ours for many years. Best cheap steak in LA, plus Mai Tais so great you don’t care if the steaks are cheap. It’s a thatched-hut tiki village in there, and a spot not to be missed.

It changed ownership a couple of years ago now, and we’ve only been there once since. (Not because it was bad, just because we got burned out on it.)

We went tonight and I’m happy to report we had a more than fine experience.

What’s new?

These menus


are gone, because the old ones just wore away.

Appetizers – they have some! We got the garlic parm chips and they were pretty good.

Desserts – they have this too now! We didn’t get any but the selection looked passable.

Big Puffer Fish is gone – passed on to that saltwater aquarium in the sky. He was over 15 years old! The aquarium lives on with new fish.

Clean! – the old place had gotten pretty damn dusty over the 67 years they’ve been in business. The original owners took the filthy monkeys with them, and you know, that’s just fine.

Big parking lot behind, plus street parking, but parking can still be dramatic. Reservations for parties of 6 or more (except Sat when it’s 8).

317 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale 91203

5 thoughts on “Still in it: DAMON’S STEAKHOUSE”

  1. Thanks for this report, Ruth. I live in Glendale but have avoided Damon’s for years after a bad experience wherein I watched a bartender palm the $20 I handed him and attempt to give me change for a $10 instead. Old bartender’s trick and this was an old bartender indeed so I’m assuming he’s gone on to that great bottle in the sky since the 10 years that have passed since I last stepped foot into Damon’s.

    I think I’ll give them a try again.

  2. I love this place! Especially for the stuffed animal monkeys in the ceiling. Even though most everybody in there is over 60 (including the staff). It’s a tasty steak and that’s all that matters. Plus it’s next to Porto’s. Go earlier enough and get dessert next door.

  3. R-A-W-K. I love Damon’s. Thanks for reminding me about it. Now, how do I get the vegetarian gf to go?

  4. Honestly, this is a drinker’s place. The drinks are good and potent. However, the food is comparable to a Denny’s. Every time I toss back a few and say “what the hell, I’ll just eat here”, I walk away with a mouth sore from chewing a steak tougher than leather. Forget it and just drink.

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