LA isn’t just the city

I gotta call bullshit on this one. LA City Nerd is applauding the Atwater Village Newbie for A Modest Proposal just posted to the blog. Newbie writes:

If you write a “Best of” Los Angeles, try to list things that are actually in Los Angeles.

West Hollywood, Burbank, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Malibu and Santa Monica are all different cities. Some of them even have their own mayors.

Newbie goes on to point to a bunch of ‘Best of LA’ lists which include things that aren’t in the city of Los Angeles. But guess what? They are in the County of Los Angeles. And that’s something important to note – none of those lists are suggesting they are ‘Best of the city of LA’ and suggesting that something in West Hollywood or Burbank isn’t in LA it’s in the county not the city is a pretty big stretch. Not that I’d have a problem with someone making a ‘Best of LA City’ list, but there’s no need to complain about someone elses list because it’s not exactly the way you would have done it. I’d leave things there, except the Newbie goes on to ask:

Even better – for us Atwater Villagers – what about something even more specific? What about Top Tens in East LA?

Oh Snap! Sounds to me like AVN is suggesting that Atwater Village is east side, I think someone needs a map! ;-)

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  1. I find it somewhat humorous that LA City Nerd has already pointed out that he won’t list anything not in the CITY of Los Angeles for his list of ways to celebrate our upcoming anniversary, so its no surprise that he applauded this move.
    I guess its his way of giving the middle finger to those that try to divide the city?
    Don’t know if I agree with his view, but it still makes me chuckle.

  2. I agree with LA City Nerd. I think since it is 225 years Los Angeles should be the place to celebrate and if we can share the wealth with other sity’s and towns I say go ahead.

    I would love a list of where people go in Los Angeles. I would write them down an dthen mark them on off my list, once I visited them.

    I might make a special page for this in the New LATOWNCRIER MAGaZINE .

  3. I was suprised when friends from Miami were saying that they were trying to view their city like Los Angeles, something more than just the city. It was then that I knew that Los Angeles was a bit different from the way others think of a city. I think we should take our LA view to heart and be that “greater” city.

  4. But are the people who include other cities like Glendale, Pasadena, Santa Monica and sometimes even Anaheim (!) as “part of Los Angeles” when they’re in need of ten-best-list fodder the same ones who loudly insist that the San Fernando Valley %i(isn’t) part of Los Angeles?


  5. [Oops, that should be isn’t. Forgot that those italic macros don’t work here. :-)]

  6. I’m with Sean. It’s a slippery slope discussing what is and what is not Los Angeles, especially considering that a large swath of East Los Angeles does not lie within the city limits.

  7. And us lowly Valley kids get nothing. The San Fernando Valley may have little names for parts of the city, but it’s all Los Angeles proper. Eff the people who don’t embrace LA as the city it is. Sprawl and all.

  8. I must say, Mr. Bonner’s point is well-taken. But, by the same token, the StudioCityNerd above has a point about the Anaheim thing. Really, that’s what irks me.

    As the LA CITY Nerd, I focus on the areas of the City, including the Valley, San Pedro, Watts, & Garvanza (to name a few). Because of urban sprawl, I can’t avoid our neighbors; but a distinction is always good when dealing with the City versus other areas of the County.

  9. I live in Glassel Park and have to look WEST to see downtown. I feel eastside! *ridiculous looking hand gestures*

    I think Riverside is definitely eastside. ;)

  10. It’s like saying Disneyland is in the Los Angeles Area or the Angels belong to Los Angeles when they play in Anaheim (Diffrent Mayor, Diffrent Political party affiliation(for the most part), Diffrent County, etc…)

    If I had a penney for everytime someone said Disneyland was in Los Angeles…Ugh!

  11. I believe the term Greater Los Angeles refers to LA County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. I could be wrong, but that seems to make sense to me because they are contiguous.

  12. I think things in OC are stretching it, I’m taking about stuff that is in LA County, maybe even completely surrounded by LA City, such as West Hollywood or Bev Hills, or Culver City even. These places are definitely LA

  13. Sherri: EastLA (City College) is known as EELA so Riverside being east of east east LA can be called eeeeeee-oh-la.

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