Wanna Learn To Speak Czech?

…or Turkish or Tagalog or French or Vietnamese? The Beverly Hills Lingual Institute teaches them, and a bunch of others. I chose Croatian since I will be getting married to a Croatian in the Republika Hrvatska this summer.

BHLI is a private language school in Beverly Hills(unsurprisingly) that offers courses in more than 25 languages, all taught by native speakers, with small class sizes(my Croatian class averages about three people but I think the more popular languages go up to about 10 people give or take).

With more popular languages it is probably easy to find a course at a community college, but for other languages this seems to be one of the only or the only place in Los Angeles available to teach them.

Anyone else gone here? How was your experience?

4 thoughts on “Wanna Learn To Speak Czech?”

  1. I take Spanish there, and my experience has been great! So far, it fits into my schedule (barely), and I’ve been able to keep up (barely), and it’s superfun! The energy in that place is awesome, full of all different people studying all different languages, and the staff is friendly and efficient always. :)

  2. They also teach Croatian language classes at the Croatian Cultural Center in San Pedro (FYI), but I don’t know anyone who’s taken them there.

  3. I took a Tagalog class there, and learned quite a bit… but it’s always tough to learn a language when you’re only attending a class once a week.

  4. I went to leave this comment on your Blog, but it didn’t like me having a Yahoo.co.uk account.

    Congratulations! I’ve been planning a trip, and was seriously looking at Croatia (amongst other places, a mini tour thing), but the dates I was lookng at didn’t fit the flight schedule. Such a shame, but maybe next time!

    Also, I’d love to learn a minority language like that!

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