Not the same lame chocolates


Okay, it’s Mother’s Day, and over the years you’ve already sent your weight in flowers and crappy candy.

This year, why not blow Mom’s mind with chocolates from Vosges Chocolates?

I promise you you have never eaten chocolate like this: the bar I got was milk chocolate with sweet Indian curry and coconut, and it was spectacular. I’m dying to try BLACK PEARL, which is Japanese ginger, wasabi, black sesame seeds and dark chocolate.

Of course they have an extensive Mother’s Day section, with some pretty wild prices, but you can also get the job done for between 30 and 40 bucks.

vosges1.jpgI scanned this page from the truffles page of their catalog (click to embiggen).

Of course you can always get bars and even chips, at about 6 bucks each, and in some cool collections.

Their website promises their line is at Neiman-Marcus but I have yet to confirm this. Besides, most of us are going to need the stuff shipped anyway.

7 thoughts on “Not the same lame chocolates”

  1. what about Picholine Chocolatier on 1st and Commonwealth in HiFi. They have outstanding chocolates and it’s local. check out the chili chocolate truffles. woo! 3360 West First Street

  2. Just stumbled onto your blog…just wanted to mention that I got some chocolates from Vosges when I was in Chicago a couple of years ago – I tried a few of their truffles and had a long chat with the girls in there (I’d heard about them in LA and whilst travelling I’d made a special trip to their Chicago store which they appreciated!). I went away with some truffles and a few different bars, including the Black Pearl you mentioned – it’s definitely worth getting. It’s gorgeous, unlike any other chocolate you will try. :)

  3. Ruth – I just did a big write up about my visit to their NYC store … I highly recommend it if you’re a chocoholic (they have one in Las Vegas besides their Chicago flagship).

    The Naga truffle (curry) was pretty good but if you like Cardamom, I thought the Ellateria truffle was sensational.

    I’ve visited Neiman Marcus to check out their selection and it’s not so great (just some bars and their variety boxes of truffles).

    The NYC store said that they’re planning an LA store by the end of the year.

    BTW – HiFi is Historic Filipino Town … I think I’m gonna give Picholine a try! Thanks for the tip Topdog!

  4. LOVE Vosges chocolates – so much, in fact, that I just posted about them on my own blog! Highly recommend the Naga – everytime I’m in NY I can’t help but swing by the Soho store to indulge in one (or two). Great post!

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